Clear TAX


Your Organisation

Core GST Returns

     From data import to filing and challan payment, 3x faster experience, 100%             accuracy on all return types.

  • GSTR 1 and 3B, 9
  • GSTR-6, 7, 8 and ITC-04
  • Best in class 9/9C
  • Export-import refunds
  • GSTIN and PAN level

GST Data Pulls

     Pull 2 year invoice history from GSTN for a GSTIN or a PAN in seconds with               multi-month 2A reports.

  • Multi-month 2A
  • Pull entire history
  • GSTR1, 3B, 9C
  • GSTIN and PAN level
  • 99.99% uptime


      Experience the most powerful AI powered invoice reconciliation engine with 5x       speed at 6,000 invoices per sec

  • 2A vs purchase register
  • GSTIN and PAN level
  • G8 vs purchase register
  • e-Invoicing integrated
  • Vendor-wise matching
  • e-Way Bill integrated

Smart Reporting

      Comparison, summary, ledger reports to share insights among teams and                 claim 100% ITC across all GSTINs.

  • G1, G3B filing status
  • Comparison : 3B vs 2A
  • Comparison : GSTR 1 vs 3B
  • Supplier compliance
  • Ledger balance
  • Sales-purchase-stock report

Airline Travel Credit

     10x faster discovery of unclaimed air travel tax credits replacing cumbersome          reconciliation of airline invoices

  • RPA fetched invoices
  • Integrated GST recon
  • Auto-prepare inwards register

CFO Dashboard

       Get compliance overview with sales, purchases, tax outflow, credits and                     vendor risk summarized for CFO office.

  • Sales-purchase view
  • Tax outflow, credit view
  • PAN summary
  • GST health check
  • Vendor compliance
  • Vendor risk

Managed Services

      Outsource tax filing and compliance end to end with core and custom services        on indirect and direct taxation. 

  • Indirect Tax – Core
  • Indirect Tax – Custom
  • Direct Tax


      Invoicing solution that helps your vendors create professional invoices,                      manage inventory and track payments.

  • GST compliant invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Payment tracking


      India’s leading e-TDS return preparation and TDS e-filing platform that                      prepares FVUs and Form 16s seamlessly.

  • Bulk PAN verification
  • Unconsumed challan detection
  • Form 16 management

Employee ITR

      Let your entire employee base file any ITRs in under 7 min with drag and drop          of Form 16s and few checks.

  • Any ITR filing
  • Form 16 integrations
  • Dedicated support

Flexible Error free, data import modes

      Bring in your data securely via APIs or SFTP or Templates.- we give you every             option to connect easily.


Your Vendors


Vendor KYC

      Validate vendor GSTINs upto 5,000 at a time and onboard selectively                          maintaining vendor masters with ratings.

  • KYC and onboarding
  • Bulk validation
  • Rate vendors
  • Fetch MSME tags
  • 2-way ERP integration

Vendor Communication

      Draft custom emails, even in bulk to vendors apprising them of missing or                  incorrect invoices and claim 100% ITC.

  • Custom emails
  • Attach reconciliation status
  • Send reminders
  • Get compliance reports
  • Update ratings

Vendor Financing

     Help your vendors grow while maintaining your credit terms with a collateral           free loan product to pay GST later.

  • Pay GST later
  • Starting at 1% per month
  • Collateral free

Your Customers

E- Invoicing

     India’s second largest e-Invoice generator that is fast, dependable and                       affordable, integrated with GST platform.

  • 2-way ERP integrated
  • Create, cancel, print
  • Custom templates
  • Scheduling and automation
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Inwards e-Invoice inbox



E- Way Bill

     India’s second largest e-Invoice generator that is fast, dependable and                       affordable, integrated with GST platform.

  • 2-way ERP integrated
  • Multi-vehicle EWBs
  • Scheduling and automation
  • Fraud and outlier detection
  • Branch-level access control
  • Integrations with DSC


Saving Your Clients

Maximum tax savings with every filing 

Our AI powered reconciliation engine and effective reports empower tax experts to deliver hard savings for their clients. With our platform, a 25Cr business can save about 5L and 2 days per GSTIN, every month.


Speed for your Practice

Save 2 Man –days per month per client 

Boost your productivity by filing GST, IT and TDS returns on a single platform without ever leaving it. Process 10s of clients simultaneously. File from any device, anywhere. No setup. No downloads. 

100 % accurate, Zero notices , Zero penalities 

Peace of mind for you

 Error-free and comprehensive- our products are designed by our tax experts who continuously update new tax clauses in our products and test every release. Our cloud offering ensures these updates reach you instantaneously.

  • Clear GST 
  • Clear TDS 
  • Clear ITR 

Clear GST

GST Filing Experience, made 3x faster  :

Eliminate filing errors and save your clients’ money with our GST platform that is 3x faster and detects 100% input tax credits with AI powered reconciliations.

From G1 to G9 , for all clients:

File in under 30 seconds with power workflows such as NIL filing and auto-filed 3B and 9 Forms.

Import effortlessly, even from Tally:

Choose from over 8 methods, integrate with client’s Tally system, and correct errors on the fly.

Match 6,000 invoices per minute:

Reconcile thousands of invoice records in seconds and detect and claim 100% ITC

Clear GST

Pull entire GSTIN history in seconds:

 Push returns in seconds and fetch entire filing database for a GSTIN with our powerful multi-month 2A feature

Analyze tax credits, dues with reports:

Smart reports such as multi-month 2A, GSTR-3B vs 2A, GSTR-3B vs 1 and more available on tap.

Clear ITR 

File any ITR, for any type of Income :

Boost your tax practice with our simple and fast ITR filing module. All major ITR forms available, drag and drop files and fetch data from government in a click.

Rich client dashboard: 

Add and select clients to work on. Select recommended ITR or choose your own.

Get data with one click

Get pre-filled data from Form 16s, Form 26AS and Capital Gains reports through easy import options

Validate all edge cases

Check all corner cases with smart checks built at every step so that your clients are notice free.

Pay taxes from within product

Pay and file taxes without going anywhere else. No need for client’s XML files.

Analyze and mail your clients

Compute e-file reports and acknowledgements, edit and share with your clients

Easiest e – TDS filing, no notices, no penalty 

Effortlessly generate Form 16s and file TDS returns. Detect and use unconsumed challans. Effortlessly generate Form 16s and file TDS returns.

Prepare your returns

Identify delayed payments, unconsumed challans and save money

Upload-download with ease

Enter deductor info seamlessly, integrated with TRACES for previous year returns, Excel compatible.

No more clerical errors

Match PANs with those in TRACES records, in bulk or one-by-one. Generate FVUs.

File FVUs seamlessly

Draft, merge and mail Form 16 Part A, Part B and Form 16A all in a single click.

Smart alerting

Pre-set alerts on unconsumed challans and early warning systems on late payments.

Work from any place, any time, any device 

Cloud based platform:

From the convenience of home or office through any device with secure logins 

Switch between our web or desktop app

Switch between our web or desktop app based on your convenience. 

Get Fast – all shortcuts in one place 

One- Click access to all important filing actions in your desktop app, so that you save time 

A Single Dashbaord to manage all Clients 

Easy Client Management 

Manage your entire clientele and their compliance statuses together 

Non – OTP workflows and encrypted password Storage 

Ensure you can continue working while your clients keep busy 

Built in Early warning system 

On GST , ITR , TDS dashboard to prevent deadline misses and notices. 

Process multiple client filings together 

Process any number of client filings 

Work on multiple client filings in parallel sessions through different tabs. 

Improve team productivity 

Distributor work among different team members smartly for higher team efficiency.


File your returns

DIY.  File any ITR in under 6 minutes for free 

Switched jobs?

Drag and drops as many form 16s seamlessly 

Sold property or shares? 

 One click import form capital gains reports 

 Additional income from business ?

Validate any income as proprietor 


Clear Invest

Save upto 86k, invest in expert- curated funds 

Tax Savings or wealth growth ?

Invest in funds that save AND grow your savings 

Differents goals and ionvestment horizen?

Expert curated A –gradr funds for every goal 

Dont want to get locked in?

For 1 to 5 year duratiuons, pay monthly or one –time

Clear Services

Get Compliant, with  Expert assisted services Starting your own company?

 From your company incorporation to GSTIN registration 

Freelancer, trader or foreign income?

Expert assisted tax filing for anything complicated 

Registering with Governments?

Trademark, PF , Food Licenses, anything 


Tax Cloud

Any ITR, any client, file in under 7 mins

  • From ITR 1 to ITR 6, for individuals and businesses
  • Auto populate details from Form 16 and 26AS
  • Send your client’s summaries pre and post filing