Why - Smart Power Insurance

Smart Power Insurance is an individual, unit-linked, non-participating, life insurance product that takes care of your insurance as well as investment needs. The product comes to you at a reasonable premium and is in tune with the current investment scenario.

It is a flexible product, which also takes care of your liquidity needs. Additional protection requirements, due to changing personal and/or financial circumstances, are also taken care of by the product.

  • Protection: Two plan options to choose from :

    • Level Cover Option – The sum Assured chosen at inception remains the same throughout the policy team

    • Increasing Cover Option – The initial sum assured increases by 10%, without any additional underwriting, starting from the 6th month policy year and after every 5 years thereafter.

  • Inbuilt Accelerated Total &Permanent Disability (TDP) benefits: Advantage of advancing the policy benefits to become your living benefits

  • Flexibility: The following are available under the product

    • Two Fund Options to choose from

      1. Trigger Fund Option – Advantage of Buying Low and Selling High

      2. Smart Fund Option – Options to choose from 10 varied funds

    • Portfolio Transfer option – Change the selected fund option – Trigger Fund or Smart Funds, at any policy anniversary

  • Liquidity: Unforeseen expenses are taken care – of through partial withdrawals from the 6th policy year onwards