Business insights are said to be the brain of the business.  When the insights are monitored on the regular basis you can easily figure out when there is a peak and down in business and the cause of that.  We the best Tally dealers in Coimbatore offer you our Tally prime product to give you an accurate insight into your business and helps you in taking perfect business decisions.  With options like ready-to-go and Customisable reports, you can add and run the way you want.  Tally dealers in Coimbatore help you with the order process of the handle, multiple clients, all over the world with different currencies.  So that you can completely focus on your business and our Tally prime helps you to get rid of external complexities.



Tally dealers in Coimbatore offer Tally prime so that you don’t need to run your business in a rush, it helps in managing payment timelines.  The Insightful report helps you to make confident decisions instantly and to plan the business growth efficiently.  It supports stock movement and makes it more effective and optimizes the cash flow.


Tally dealers in Coimbatore help you to get tally prime so that you can get things done quickly and save your time for other work.  You can print or view the reports and can easily figure out the odd details from each and every report.  You can do multiple activities while printing/viewing the report like opening another company report without disturbing the activity you were on.



With Tally dealers in Coimbatore install your Tally prime which has special features like prevention, detection, and correction mechanism to ensure that your data are always accurate.  Therefore, it gives you the confidence that the return tax file is always correct.


Frictionless Concurrency

Tally dealers in Coimbatore helps you to lauch Tally prime server in your system which supports simultaneous operations like load companies, saving the transactions, exporting the reports, printing the reports, import the data, backup process, and other related activities without any error and downtime.  This helps to optimize the work time to the fullest and helps in increasing the speed of the work completed.  The users are able to work on the same data at the same time.  Your data will always be real-time, consistent, and accurate.


Data is protected

The Tally prime server does not access the location of the data on the server.  The name of the data server is enough to access and operate the tally prime.  Only when there is a requirement for data backup and restoration the server level permission is available after the authorization.  Tally dealers in Coimbatore help you to provide complete control to the user over their data.

Reliable service

While taking backup you can continue recording transactions or viewing reports without any compromise with speed or access or accuracy.  Tally dealers in Coimbatore offer tally prime server to improve the productivity of work and business performance by avoiding downtime and disruptions.  The tally prime server doesn’t cause any impact on the server-side and data on the client system.


Optimizing Business

Tally dealers in Coimbatore provide Tally prime which has the monitoring capability of the tally prime server to allow authorized users to manage the user sessions, like who is logged in and doing activities.  If required, it helps to track user activity, sessions and even disconnect the users to optimize the process and increase productivity.


Generation of e-Invoice

Generating and printing of e-invoice is simpler with tally prime.  It is recognized as ISO certified GSP (GST Suvidha Provider), Tally prime is directly integrated with the invoice registration provider (IRP) portal to coherently generate e-Invoices.

  • Generate instant e-Invoice
  • You can get your invoice reference number and QR code printed without disturbing the invoicing process.
  • You can change options like individual/ selective/ bulk invoices to IRP according to your flexibility
  • You can get your e-invoice along with the e-way bill
  • e-Invoice report to get a bird’s eye view on the generated/ pending/ cancelled status

Get Reports from Anywhere/ Any device

You can access your business report from a web browser through any device and from any location.

  • It provides access data for you irrespective of location and device but the data stays only with you
  • Get access to important business reports like Bills receivable & payable, sales & purchase register, stock summary, profit, and loss A/C, Balance sheet, etc
  • Helps in quick business decision making
  • You can download the invoice at any time

Regular updating with TSS

Tally software service provides regular updates which help to ensure that your Tallyprime supports your ever-changing business requirements.

  • TSS provides new product enhancements and major releases at regular intervals
  • They ensure the product compatibility with the latest technological and statutory changes

Banking & Payment

Tally software service gives you a smooth and easy banking experience using banking and payment services.

  • TSS updates you about the latest cheque formats of the bank that is available in your Tally prime.
  • They automatically reconcile your books of accounts with your bank statements. It’s quick, simple, accurate, and stress less work, it saves your time, money, and manpower.

Online data synchronization

Decentralizing data from your books of accounts across branches is not at all difficult when you have Tally prime’s data synchronization, you can synchronize the data from your head office to the branches, factories, or even to the warehouses.

  • In a single click, you can exchange and consolidate the data across the branches
  • TSS has greater control over the direction of data synchronizes and data to be synchronized
  • Using on-demand synchronization, you can synchronize the data without needing to be connected to each other live.
  • You can visualize the entire status of your business with head office and branch office.

Remote access

Our remote access service provides you 24X7 business connectivity and manages your business from anywhere in the world

  • You can get any information about your business at any time and from any location in the world
  • You can manage cash flows, stock positions, bank accounts, or manufacturing times lines even when you are away from your office
  • You can create and modify your business transactions and other details in simple steps
  • TSS provides access to chartered accountants and their audit clerks to audit your data



Extensions are the updations of existing default tally features.  You can add on Tally prime with more than 800+ ready to plug in extensions.  You can boost your business by adding feature, functionality, office productivity tools etc by adding the extensions that are available in Tally shop

There are 17 categories of extensions from which you can choose according to your requirement, they are Invoicing, workflow management, business verticals, alerts & controls, and many more.  The above extensions can be activated in just one click and the add-on is streamed into your Personal computer, installed, licensed, and will be immediately available for your use.  Our concept is like BUY, INSTALL, USE in seconds.

Starting from Rs.283, you can now easily Locate, Evaluate and buy extensions from Tally shop.


Tally prime has been designed to offer extensive integrations capabilities that enable businesses to build solutions for cross-platform without compromising data integrity and reliability.  Thus, you can empower your business to interact seamlessly with multiple applications or software systems.

This integration in tally allows you to do two-way data transfer, which means pulling data out from the tally database or pushing data to tally.  Tally allows integration between databases and applications in two modes

Online mode

  • Tally to Tally
  • Tally to External Application and vice versa
  • Tally to web services


Offline mode

  • Export and import of multiple formats of data


Tally prime has special features like prevention, detection and correction mechanism ensures that your data are always accurate.  Therefore, it gives you the confidence that the return tax file are always correct.