Why - Smart Insurance Wealth Plus

SBI Life – Smart InsureWealth Plus is an individual, unit-linked, non-participating, life insurance product that gives you life Insurance coverage along with the feature of disciplined savings to achieve your dreams and the flexibility to avail of Systematic Monthly Withdrawal. You have a choice of three investment strategies and nine diverse funds under the Smart Choice Strategy to maintain your balance between higher returns and security. Your fund value further gets a boost with loyalty additions.

  • Easy Monthly Insurance: Inculcate an investment discipline by paying a monthly premium over a chosen time period.
  • Choice of 3 Investment Strategies : Trigger Strategy,  Auto Asset Allocation Strategy and Smart Choice Strategy.
  • Investment Flexibility under Smart Choice Strategy: Manage your investment through
    Choice of 9 fund options to suit your risk appetite.
    Unlimited free switches and premium re-directions” throughout the policy term
  • Return of Mortality Charges/ROMC) on the maturity of enforce policy.
  • Fund Value Boosters through loyalty additions’
  • Protection: Financial protection for your and your loved ones in the unfortunate case of death.
  • Systematic Monthly Withdrawal* Meet your regular expenses through the monthly payout
  • Tax Benefit* You may be elgible for Income Tax benefits/exemptions as per the apolicable income tax laws in India. which are sublect to change from tre to time.